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Date:2012-08-20 20:13
Subject:Mail at Burning Man

It is really a special thing to get mail at Burning Man, I can't thank those that have sent to me in the past enough, it really meant a lot (I still have the stuff from previous years) (that wasn't perishable). really, thank you!
so, do you have anything you always wanted to tell me but wanted to wait until i was in a desert to do so? or do you just want to say hi while i am fighting dust storms? either way, feel free to drop me a line, but you might want to mail it by midday this Friday if you want it to get to me during next week.

If you want to send me mail on playa:
Ranger Stitch (AKA DW) @ Thermal Shock,
Camped by Ranger Outpost Berlin (2:55 and Columbine),
BurningMan Festival,
Black Rock City,
Gerlach NV 89412

If you will be on playa, please feel free to drop by and say hi. If i am not there, leave me a note on my dry erase board. I think i will try and post pics when i return of the most interesting or inspiring messages left there.

Thank you for your time...

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Date:2012-07-24 10:39
Mood: determined

I have an actual phobia, in that the fear is at an irrational level. Use to have two, and I overcame one, but I still suffer from trypanophobia, fear of needles. Every once in a while I challenge the fear to not give in. My ear pierce is one of the most obvious. My tattoo was an attempt, but it didn't trigger it (good thing or i may have gotten way more *wink*)
California is in a shortage for blood donations, so I am going back on my claim I would never donate again. I am already a bit weak at the thought. I tell you all this not to earn pity or for words of encouragement. I tell you this in hopes that if I can do this, and you are eligible, I hope you will join me in donating. If it is just out of the question, donate a little time to a blood drive.
And if anyone with any power in the FDA, how about doing your part in increasing the pool of donors by removing the ridiculous restriction for homosexuals to donate. The blood will already be screened before used, so any disease fear is silly, especially since there are diseases in hetero blood as well.
So, get out there and do your part!

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Date:2012-07-19 07:37
Subject:Comic Con Cosplay
Mood: chipper

Con was a blast, I have some comparison pics to share of the costumes I wore. Made a lot of connections. I had never gone in costume to this event, and I am mixed looking back at it. It is more difficult trying to make professional connections dressed as an 80s cartoon character. Now the Rick Moranis look went over well and I have a great story about it, but I also had a brief moment to connect with someone who couldn't recognize me. I had met him before but this time I only had time to give him my card and without him possibly recognizing me from last time, that card is probably in a trash bin somewhere. Josh Gates was not really recognized, except for ONE person who thought i was actually Josh Gates. So while i had fun, not sure if i will dress again next year. But if I ever do make it famous, I will follow Adam Savages example and go in a costume no one will know is me! (He went in a great Ring Wraith costume)
Day 1 Costume
Day 2 Costume
Day 3 Costume
Arthur Dent, Captain N, Josh Gates, Vinz Clortho (Keymaster of Gozer)

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Date:2012-06-27 20:30
Subject:Maybe i should dress up...
Mood: curious

any suggestions for good comic con costume that would work for me, not cost a ton, and be able to put together in 2 weeks?

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Date:2012-06-27 19:20
Subject:Been taking Bouzouki lessons
Mood: accomplished

BREAKTHROUGH: tonight at Bouzouki lessons i made a music theory to shakespearean poetry connection. SO much more makes sense now! chord progressions, notes in a chord, just alive with new thoughts on it all!

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Date:2012-06-21 12:04
Subject:bringing life back to this lj
Mood: awake

So, how has everyone been?  What's new?  I have a lot to update, but I just wanted to poke my head in and say hi, blow some dust off, and clean up a bit.  Chat at you soon!

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Date:2009-11-13 11:10
Subject:Internet Voting – Vote Online for Robert P of CA – 1-800-DENTIST®

This is RJ, a long time member of the Faire Family. He was kicked by a horse years ago.
He could use your help in this contest for $30,000 to repair his smile.. Please give him the time to cast a vote.

Internet Voting – Vote Online for Robert P of CA – 1-800-DENTIST®

Shared via AddThis

You can vote once a day until Dec. 1.

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Date:2009-11-03 15:33
Subject:Two Players of Verona on Myspace
Mood: chipper

My comedy partner and I have made a myspace for the shakespearean improv troupe we started, Two Players of Verona. feel free to add it if you are on myspace, though i am in the process of trying to make it prettier!


thre is also a FB if you look for it (phil runs that)

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Date:2009-09-25 11:44
Subject:Once more into the breach
Mood: bouncy

Phil and my show, "Two Players of Verona", was picked up for a couple weekends at northern starting this weekend (tomorrow).

Romany Camp Stage (next to Jezla's) at 1:30 and 3:30

"Two players, alike in dignity, or lack there of, invite the audience to direct them in the Shakespearean play of their choice. Portraying all the roles is no mean trick. Only a fool, or two, would attempt such a feat. Get involved and have some fun with this delirious duo."

Wish us luck and come on by if you can!

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Date:2009-05-15 08:58
Subject:new events for the last weekend of faire
Mood: excited

Final weekend of the faire approaches, bringing a few new things with it.

First off, Phil Dunbridge and I are debuting a new show, Two Players of Verona, at 2:30 at the Port Deptford Stage. This is an improv telling of a Shakespearean Story. We will be in the streets collecting suggestions all morning before the show. (Sat & Sun) If you can, please come and support us.

This is in addition to this year's new show, Pageants & Plays for Peasants, which pitches the story of Hamlet in less than half an hour. (4:00, Port Deptford Stage, Sat. & Sun.)

Then, on Saturday only, The Pennyworth Variety Show on the Rogue's Reef Stage at 6PM is proud to debut two favorite faces from faire, Master Shelby Bond and Master Greg Jones, performing improv together. There will be an act or two leading up to this performance, and then they will close out the show.

I do regretfully have to report that the dirty version of my CD, while now finished recording, is not done enough with its last mixes to have made it for this faire. I am working on those last touches and should have it available within the coming months. thank you for your understanding and patience. I have learned a lot about the process (mostly from my own mistakes and miscalculations) and any CD to follow this will not undergo these problems (and hopefully not have any NEW problems).

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Date:2008-10-28 06:03
Subject:trying to do more than lurk
Mood: busy

I know, I know, I owe an update.

I have much to tell, too much to tell in this brief time I have to check LJ. I have been reading, and am hoping to have more time to write tonight or tomorrow.

hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween season!

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Date:2008-09-11 19:59
Subject:a video and a memory ~ 9/11
Mood: sad

7 years...
and the strongest memory i have came a while after, when i went to the site and saw the hole that was left. and the church across the street had a fence around it with all sorts of letters and pictures. some were dedicated to specific people, some to all of them.

one got to me, it gets me just even typing about it now. it was a drawing from a little kid. it had two halves, kind of like a comic strip.

in the first half, in crayon, were two rectangles in grey, the towers, with little black windows covering the side. and next to these buildings were two arrows, pointing down.

the second half had two rectangle shapes as well. but it was without a border, without walls. it was two rectangles worth of stick figures, drawn to mimic the buildings in the previous drawing. stick figures of every color. and next to these rectangles were two more arrows...
pointing straight up.

to the memory of all that died on that day, at the pentagon, at the towers, or at that field in Pennsylvania, i pause and pay respects. to those who lost someone in this tradgedy, i only hope it has gotten easier to face each year, and if i can ever be a strength for you, please ask.

love you all

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Date:2008-08-17 21:01
Subject:What a blast!
Mood: good

From the Queen being auctioned right before the visiting Pope, to the visit from the Ghost of King Henry (and the Pope trying to exorcise him), to the good times with good friends!

Thank you, Belles, it felt wonderful to sing a few songs with you lovely ladies (and we are going to miss T & T), you always put on a fantastic show. Sportive Tricks, you guys sounded great, love the new stuff, and thank you for inviting me up with you.

All you members of Guard, Yeomen and Yeobabes alike, that were there, so much fun, thank you, I always enjoy seeing you guys and gals. sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, seemed like a good gig, and I didn't want to interrupt.

The Court of Big Bear, thank you as well. Fun, silliness, the gigs were a blast! You are a treat to work with.

Thank you (i think it was Argus) for hawking my CD for me while I sang, I often forget to mention it.

and Linda and Kimberly, thank you for such a great small faire.

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Date:2008-08-05 17:52
Subject:Big Bear Sound Off
Mood: bouncy

I will be at Big Bear Ren Faire both weekends!

who else will be there? you? or maybe you? let me know!

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Date:2008-06-13 14:32
Subject:deja vu
Mood: contemplative

lj is full of stories of attacks, animals with some kind of rabies, and panic. no one at work today, the news isn't saying anything...

could it all be happening again?

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Date:2008-06-04 01:55
Subject:Election results
Mood: content

as of 1AM tonight~
997 of 997 precincts reporting~

BRIDGID ''BRIYE'' MCCANN_ -54951- (51.51%)
BEN ECHOLS______________ -26098- (24.46%)
JAMES R. GASS____________ -25632- (24.03%)

this means that my sis is a new Judge Elect. I couldn't be more proud.

thank you all for the support (and even more for those that were able to vote for her)!
now i pass out!

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Date:2008-06-03 07:30
Subject:Judge McCann in San Bernadino
Mood: hopeful

If you live in San Bernadino County and are voting today, please vote for my sister Briye McCann for Judge.

She has spent the last decade or so as a Deputy District Attorney (considered by some to be one of the best sources for judges) and is one of the most fair people I know with an impressive knowledge of the Law.

If you know anyone there, please ask them to vote for her.

If you don't live there, please send my sister good vibes.

She will more than likely be the front runner, but if she wins more than 50% of the vote, she won't have to continue campaigning and spending money through novemeber, as she would be declared winner of the seat from this election, so she needs the vibes!!!!

thank you!

(feel free to repost)

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Date:2008-05-15 14:52
Subject:Best laid plans
Mood: rushed

each season begins, and i think i am going to do tons of updates for each weekend and the fun that happened. then suddenly i realize i am weekends behind and faire is at last weekend.

hopefully i will get a chance to catch everyone up after time slows down a bit, but as one highlight, i played a puritan last weekend (points to icon), Brother Fistulus Playgus. might even see him out again this saturday. and sunday will se an old favorite running around end of the day.

Take care everyone!!

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Date:2008-05-05 09:24
Subject:You might be a Ren Geek...
Mood: amused

Thank you to all who gave to RESCU this weekend. The Rally was a lot of fun and i can't wait to hear the numbers.
in the mean time, i was asked by a few people to put this up here, so for them and for those that missed it, i give you "You Might be a Ren Geek if..."

If your closet for Ren Faire clothes and accessories is bigger than your closet for the rest of the year… You might be a Ren Geek

If you can name five Earls of Elizabeth’s court, but cannot name your own congressman…

If you can cite which characters shouldn’t be alive during Her Majesty’s second year of her reign…

If you can recite a sonnet that you didn’t have to learn for school…

If you know who Sir Jonathan Davyes is…

If you tried to or were even tempted to correct me that he isn’t a knight, you are right… and you ARE a ren geek.

If you googled the population of port Deptford or any other such info as soon as you found out our town’s new name…

If you know the name of the town we were last year…

If you know that the Bell in Ives is a Stewe or Brothel, and can recite more than 4 other ways to describe it… You might be a Ren Geek, or you might be on Tribe.

If your daily conversation during the week use words like “Gramercy” and “Privy”…

If you catch yourself at work saying “anon” to people as you hang up the phone…

If you consider dirt a food additive…

If you have attempted to collect as many food cards as you can…

If all your non faire friends know to plan their time with you outside of these months…

If that last one made you go “non-faire friends? What are they?”…

If you were excited that World of Warcraft was partnering with Faire so you could lure your WoW guild to Faire…

If you have a World of Warcraft character named after your Faire Character…

If your Faire character is based off anything in World of Warcraft… seek help…

If your first thought upon seeing an item of clothing at the mall is “would Freida approve?”…

If you can do impressions of any of the management staff…

If these impressions are complimentary, you might be a kiss ass.

If you can identify the era a bodice comes from just by looking at it…

If you can untie a bodice without the use of your hands… I know some people that would love to meet you!

If a Sunday night shower feels almost orgasmic…

If you have trouble sleeping without the sounds of moaning in a nearby tent…

If you have trouble sleeping without the sounds of moaning in your own tent… you are DEFINITELY a Ren Geek!

And if you laughed at any of these, or turned to explain them to anyone new…

and yes, i admit, many of these apply to me as well! I had more, but we had a time limit... Feel free to add!

PS: i came in second place, donating over one thousand dollars!!! thank you for the help!

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Date:2008-05-01 10:04
Subject:RESCU donations
Mood: hopeful

thank you to those who have donated already.

i will continue to keep this donation route open until friday for any others that wish to do so.

if you feel generous and able to help this cause, details are here:

thank you again

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